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Digital Radiography

The term digital radiography refers to the use of digital x-ray sensors to create enhanced computer images of your dental structure.


The advantages of digital radiographs include:

Digital radio graphs can be directly viewed on a computer screen. In addition, they can be easily manipulated to improve contrast and detail. The images can also be displayed next to the patient’s chair to assist with interpretation and education.

Images can be stored electronically. This enables easy access to the client’s medical history. Additionally, it allows for efficient data storage on small drives, which saves a lot of space in the office.

When sharing patient medical histories with other consultants, electronic data storage simplifies the process of sharing information with insurance companies.

By eliminating the processing of chemicals and disposing of hazardous materials, they are eco-friendly.

Using visual examination alone, some dental issues cannot be detected, including developmental abnormalities, tumors, bone and gum infections. Dentistry experts are able to schedule proper treatment based on the information provided by digital radiographs, which reveal these hidden dental issues.

The sensors used are more sensitive to x-ray photons, so clients are exposed to less radiation than with traditional x-rays.

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