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Would you rather wear braces or clear aligners on your teeth? In the last couple of decades, clear aligners have gained popularity.

Invisalign: what is it?

A thin clear aligner known as Invisalign is made from a flexible thermoplastic material called SmartTrack and is used in orthodontic treatment.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, this product makes orthodontic treatment “less conspicuous.”

The Invisalign aligners may not be completely invisible, but they fit tightly over your teeth and are much less noticeable than traditional braces’ brackets and wires.

How can Invisalign correct dental issues?

You can use Invisalign for a variety of purposes, including crowding and spacing issues, as well as mild and moderate bite problems.

According to the Invisalign website, it can treat the following dental problems:

  • Issues related to overbite, underbite, and crossbite
  • Bite with an open mouth
  • Teeth with gaps
  • Teeth that are crowded

Invisalign may be more effective for certain issues than others, even though research is still limited.

According to a 2017 studyTrusted Source, clear aligners can be useful to align a person’s arches, but may not be as effective for treating more severe bite problems.

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