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Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease can cause gum recession, exposing the tooth root, making your teeth appear long. We can help treat these conditions in our office.

Treatments and procedures for periodontal disease

In addition to treating periodontal disease surgically and non-surgically, periodontists receive up to three additional years of advanced training in treating gum disease after dental school. Dental implants can also be used to replace missing teeth by periodontists.

Aesthetic procedures:

Uneven gum line or gummy smile

Do you feel like your smile is too gummy or your gums cover too much of some teeth while leaving the others the right length? If so, dental crown lengthening might be the solution for you. With this procedure, excess gum tissue is removed to reveal more of the crown of your tooth. The outline is then sculpted to finish off your new smile.

Exposed roots or long teeth

Periodontal disease can cause gum recession, exposing the tooth root, making your teeth appear long.

A gum graft or other root coverage procedure covers exposed roots, prevents further gum recession, protects vulnerable tooth roots from decay, and improves your smile.

Gum and jawbone indentions

When a tooth is lost, it can leave an indentation in the gums and jawbone. This happens because the jawbone recedes when it is no longer holding a tooth in place. As well as looking unnatural, an indentation like this can affect the success of dental implants.

By filling in this defect with ridge augmentation, the natural contour of the gums and jaw can be recreated. Dental implants can then be placed that are natural-looking, easy to maintain, and function like real teeth.

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